Why Magnetic Knife Holder a better solution to store kitchen Knives

Magnetic Knife Holder is becoming a trendy solution to store kitchen knives, it’s a new revolution in kitchen. As a chef, housewife or cooker, you’ll have sorts of chef knives with different sizes and different usage like cheese knives, steak knives, carving knives, skinning knives, bread knives, boning knives, serrated knives and so on. Once you got many knives, it will become a problem to store them in proper way. Most traditional common way is a knife block placed in kitchen bar, or a knife drawer. However, both are not best way as they will bring you some troubles to you:

1.Space killer

We always want to keep kitchen orderly, hence room in kitchen bar is very precious. A knife block makes it more crowded. A Professional MAGNETIC Kitchen KNIFE HOLDER can help to solve this problem. Installed onto wall which doesn’t use any space of kitchen bar. Moreover the size is much smaller than a block.

2.Safety issue

When children or pets at home alone, it’s really dangerous if they are too naughty to get knives from knife block or knock it down accidentally. You never know what will happen since they don’t have a sense of danger. But comes to a MAGNETIC KNIFE HOLDER, you can install it onto wall high enough and hang knives where children and pets cannot reach. But for adults, it’s still handy. Safe and convenient.

3.Hygeian issue

When you finish use of knives, you wash knives and put them back into knife block. But knives are still wet even you wipe them with cloth they can not by 100% dry. And it’s not ventilated inside a block. Bacteria grows in wet environment easily. Using a MAGNETIC KNIFE HOLDER, knives are attracted on it directly. It’s in a ventilated environment, knives get dry in a few minutes. It’s a hygeian way t store knives.

4.Not Fashion 

General, knife block is designed in a heavy and big size case with wood, plastic, bamboo or some else materials. It’s really not a stylish design. On the other way, MAGNETIC KNIFE HOLDER is in small size, simple design but very good look. They have many different designs, most users love them. And sizes are optional, you can choose suitable size according to how many knives you have.


What kinds of materials and designs are available?



Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder have many designs, most popular styles are One-piece style, the and Backboard style. For one-piece style, if you want to install it to another place, you can just take it down by hand and re-install it to wherever you want. Only need two extra screws and anchors. Backboard style have two parts: magnetic bar and backboard. Magnetic bar is applied to backboard with effect of magnetic attraction. It can be also applied to a refrigerator without backboard since your refrigerator is made of metal case. However, we don’t suggest put your knives on the bar when applied on a refrigerator, but could be some metal tools like bottle opener, paper clip, keys, nail clipper etc. Besides being knife store tool, it can be also used as tool storage to keep your metal tools orderly.



Aluminum Magnetic Knife Rack is very stylish designed. It is also wall mounted with screws. It consists of an aluminum case and two rows of rubber magnets. Two-row design make it holds knives tighter and more stable. Except very big size knives, aluminum knife rack is powerful enough to hold most knives. Another advantage of aluminum design is very light. This makes shipping cost more economical especially by courier and by air when you purchase from overseas.



Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder is quite similar designed with stainless steel one. There are also one-piece and backboard styles. On the other hand, you have more options in wood material: rubber wood, walnut wood, cherry wood, cedar wood etc. They are in different textures and different colors. Wooden quality fortify natural feel in kitchen. If you have a wooden wall, or you want install it on wooden cabinet, wooden design would be a good choice.



Magnetic Knife Holder is also very welcomed considering it’s very budget-friendly. It’s very practical. And many use it as tool holder in garage for hand tools like screwdriver, wrench etc.

Quartz Stone Magnetic Knife Holder MQ-A

5.Quartz Stone

Quartz Stone Magnetic Knife Holder is updated version and most stylish model. It has same design with wooden one. If you are a Fashionista, This is a good choice for you. Technically, molding quartz stone into proper shape for knife holder is much more difficult than  stainless steel and wood. Thus, for same size holder, quartz stone version costs more than other materials.



Recently Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder is also very welcomed. High quality and practical.


What shapes do Magnetic Knife Holder have?

Bar shape. Most hot-selling items are in bar shape. It’s original shape and most practical style.However some special shapes are becoming more and more popular. Like round shape. It is small sized and probably can only hold one knife. Some are designed in knife shape, it’s pretty good idea. Knife shape holder holds knives, very cool. Some are in fish shape, some are irregular shapes etc. But most of these fancy styles are made of wood, because wood is most fabricable material. With the developing of the user market, it is believed more and more ideas will appear, but currently bar shape knife strip is still the most welcomed and practical way to store kitchen knives.


What kind of magnets are used in magnetic knife holder?

Most models use ferrite magnets, but some users want advanced version. Hence stronger material Neodymium magnets(rare earth magnets) are put into use. This magnet is very strong, can hold very big size and heavy knives. On the other hand, this will increase costs of production. There is still one thing you need to aware that the size of magnets is also very important fact. A large size ferrite magnet is probably stronger than small size neodymium magnet. Aluminum and plastic models use rubber magnet considering different designs.

Presently, most popular model is stainless steel, secondly aluminum and wooden ones. Plastic is also very popular as it’s most budget-friendly. With developing of the market, some new styles and ideas will becoming more and more popular. Besides being best kitchen knife storage storage, this innovation can also store cutlery and utensils.

Magnetic Knife Holder is a revolution to your kitchen knife storage solution in recently years, especially in North American market. Many knife blocks have been replaced by Magnetic Knife Holder. And now European market is growing very fast too. In some days, MAGNETIC KNIFE HOLDER will becoming a very common product all over the world.

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