Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder MW-A

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder MW-A

Name:               Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

Item number:    MW-A

Composition:    solid wood, magnets


Product Description

Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

Item No.:         MW-A

Composition:    solid wood + magnets + anchors & screws

This item is made of wooden case and steel board, mounting with anchors and screws. Wooden material could be rubber wood, walnut wood, beech wood, cherry wood etc.

Well designed mounting on wall or cabinet.



*Composition: wood, strong magnets, steel base, mounting screws.

*Size available in 36cm(14 inch), 40cm(16 inch), 45cm(18 inch).

*Continuous magnet field.

*Safe to children and pets.

*A hygienic solution to chef knives, mildewproof.


Stainless steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastic, Quartz Stone, Bamboo.