Quartz Stone Magnetic Knife Holder MQ-A

Quartz Stone Magnetic Knife Holder MQ-A

Name:               Quartz Stone Magnetic Knife Holder

Item number:    MQ-A

Composition:    quartz sonte, magnets


Product Description

Quartz Magnetic Knife Rack

Item No.:         MP-A

Composition:    plastic + magnets + anchors & screws

Plastic case insert with two-row magnets. Keep knives orderly. Also could be used in garage as tool holder.

Well designed mounting on wall or cabinet.



*Materials include: quartz stone, strong magnets, steel base, mounting screws.

*Size in 36cm(14 inch), 40cm(16 inch), 45cm(18 inch).

*A great view in kitchen.

*Powerful enough to hold most knives.

*Mounted on the wall or cabinets.


Stainless steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastic, Quartz Stone, Bamboo.